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The secret behind Vin Hair Vendor helps them succeed in business

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Select Vin Hair Vendor if you are looking for a dependable Vietnamese hair provider but are confused by your selections. Continue reading for more information about Vin Hair Vendor.


1. Background of Vin Hair Vendor


Vin Hair Vendor is one of the leading wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam. Let’s find out more details about Vin Hair supplier through the following information.

1.1. The current position of Vin Hair Vendor in the Vietnamese hair market

Vin Hair Vendor, one of the major wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Contrary to other for-profit businesses that are mainly just intermediary companies, Vin Hair Vendor is a real hair extension manufacturer with its own full range of technology, equipment, and personnel.

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the best human hair vendors in Vietnam

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the best human hair vendors in Vietnam

From manufacturing to distribution, every Vin Hair product undergoes a stringent and direct procedure. They have unwavering confidence in their capacity to give the finest hair products at the most affordable pricing.

Vin Hair has far surpassed other competitors and built itself a strong foothold in the Vietnamese hair market during its years of operation. Vin Hair Vendor promises to provide excellent hair. They exert a lot of effort to provide customers with the best products and an enjoyable shopping experience.

1.2. The important things that Vin Hair Vendor makes them successful

Vision, mission and core values ​​are always things to consider if you want the company to grow. Vin Hair Vendor is the same, it is because of clearly identifying these three factors that can help them be as successful as they are today.

  • Vision: Vin Hair Vendor believes that its long journey to the top begins with a solid market presence in Vietnam. In reality, Vin Hair Vendor aspires to become the world’s leading hair maker.
  • Mission: Three objectives guide Vin Hair Vendor’s export of hair products to the global hair market:
    • The first and most important goal that Vin Hair Vendor sets is to let as many people know that Vietnamese hair products are much better than hair from other countries in the world. Utilizing the finest available raw hair resources, Vin Hair Vendor creates and distributes hair products of the highest quality worldwide. 
Vin Hair Vendor workers are working for the common goal of the company

Vin Hair Vendor workers are working for the common goal of the company

  • The second goal of Vin Hair Vendor is to provide hair products to many global markets to enhance the beauty and confidence of women around the world.
  • Finally, it can be said that Vin Hair Vendor – a perfect environment for any employee to quickly develop, express their passion and achieve their goals
  • Core values: The core value that Vin Hair Vendor are mainly the following 3 main values:
    • The provision of excellent hair to customers is of the greatest priority.
    • Because Vin Hair Vendor has its own factory and produces according to customers’ requirements, customers will not have to bear any additional fees. 

It is also the value that Vin Hair Vendor brings, an affordable price that helps any woman to produce.

  • Sales department of Vin Hair Vendor are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are generally happy to respond calmly and thoroughly to any customer concerns.

1.3. Vin Hair Vendor with notable titles

As the leading hair vendor in Vietnam at present, Vin Hair Vendor supplies vast amounts of hair extensions to clients worldwide. The majority of the company’s wholesale customers are from Africa, particularly South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. The rest are from European and North American nations, such as Canada, France, Spain, Australia, the United States, and Germany. More than 2,000 loyal customers, ranging from retailers, wholesalers, and company owners, believe that Vin Hair Vendor is the most trusted wholesale hair supplier in the world.


  • Vin Hair Vendor and the facts about the products they offer


Vin Hair Vendor provides an extensive selection of premium hair extension products to the worldwide hair industry.

2.1. Main hair extension products at Vin Hair Vendor

Hair bundles, comprising raw hair, closures & frontals, hair weft, and hair extensions like tip ins and clip ins in a range of colors, styles, and sizes, are the primary products offered by Vin Hair Vendor.

Textures consist of looser waves, bone straights, body waves, deep waves, pixie curls, funmi curls, bouncing curls, and water curls, as well as unique textures based on customer specifications.

Vin Hair Vendor allows you to choose from a range of colors from dark to light, even color 613 – a rare and very popular color.

2.2. Products of Vin Hair Vendor with remarkable things

It can be said that Vietnamese hair is one of the most beautiful and quality hair types in the world. And because it is sourced from Vietnamese hair, Vin Hair Vendor’s products are equally outstanding

  • Origin: Vin Hair Vendor distributes hair items that are taken entirely from the hair of people living in the countryside and high mountains of Vietnam. Women in these places often keep the traditional Vietnamese custom of long hair. They limit as much as possible to prevent hair exposure to chemicals and try to nourish their hair with natural methods through herbs such as pomelo, locust. In addition, they always have a healthy diet and a scientific lifestyle.
Vietnamese woman with natural straight and long black hair

Vietnamese woman with natural straight and long black hair

  • Characteristic: Normally, most Vietnamese women have straight, black, smooth and thick hair. Because of their climate as well as daily care habits, Vietnamese women’s hair is very soft. Thanks to the characteristic of strong and durable hair, customers who buy products at Vin Hair Vendor can create many styles with a variety of different colors, without worrying about their hair being damaged and difficult to keep for a long time. Along with the professionalism of the workers and the modernity of machinery and equipment, each hair is carefully selected by Vin Hair Vendor to create a great product before delivering to consumers.

If you are running your own hair salon in Nigeria and are considering importing hair from Vietnam, this site will be helpful for you:

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